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If the home loses hearing aids and dentures, who is responsible especially if mom has dementia?


They had specifics on her hearings aids and her dentures where they were and how to put them in and or apply the denture cream and as a result she obviously couldn't chew. Not good for a patient who they were trying to get to eat as well as her own dignity. I would imagine this happens a lot with dementia patients and that these facilities would make sure it doesn't.

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Ginster - Read the admissions contract. It will more than likely have included an inventory sheet that the resident or DPOA filled out & signed off on as to what they brought in with them and a satement on responsibility / liability for loss of those items. Usually the NH contracts state that any issues not resolved informally have to go to arbitration.

In the 6 different facilities (IL, Al, NH) we dealt with between my mom & MIL, stuff just goes MIA whether the facility is top notch or less than ideal, whether private pay or Everbody's on medicaid. Staff can do just so much. My favorite story I heard was the resident who attacked another residents hearing aid with a shoe as she thought it was a spider. Totally killed the spider too. Who's responsible? The resident who took out her hearing aid & placed it on someone else's bedside table? The resident who thought it was a spider? Their families? The NH?

Not to sound harsh, but mom is likely to over time have bigger issues for her care than a missing hearing aid. Being adversarial with staff over this will not endear you. Try to roll with it. I'm by nature & by work pretty bad bitchbossy but totally dialed it back when dealing with facilities & staff for my mom. If your mom is on Medicaid, the reinbursement rates can be quite minimal. Realistically there is only so much Ritz-Carlton on a Comfort Inn rate. Work with the facility & work with staff. If you just can't, there are lots of private pay NH who will allow family to additionally pay for aides to shadow a resident and help in daily care.

About the dentures, my experience is that although staff can help a resident with their dentures, they are not going to have the time to work with mom 1-on1 daily or throughout the day to get the dentures or a bridge just "right". Mom is kinda expected to do this on her own. If not, plan B is for staff to do those pink/orange bacterial disposable swabs after meals. This is totally acceptable level of oral care too under Medicare & Medicaid. Dental care is not a covered service for Medicare unless its to deal with a trauma (like mom fell and broke jaw & all teeth) or to pay for dentures. For Medicaid, almost all states medicaid dental is a covered service only for prevention, so kinda gets limited to CHIP. Those big happy teeth vans you see parked at schools or shopping centers are Medicaid dental services for kids. Kvetching about dental care is likely to go nowhere & be frustrating for all as there's no funding.
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Take a look at the contract your loved one signed when she went into the nursing home. It might say something in there about the facility not being responsible for lost or stolen belongings.
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