Is there any resources that they can turn to to help them.

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Contact their Area Agency on Aging to see what they may have. Other options could be restoration/preservation groups.

My mom got all her gutters & flashings redone with a preservation group that targeted homes in her historic neighborhood that were owner occupied 65+, then the neighborhood association got a grant to do ramps & other ADA compliant
things, so she got a ramp put in. They did 2 ramps on her block & did door widening & removal on another house. Neither were free as she paid for materials but all the labor was (it might have been an income thing, don't remember). She didn't apply for them, her home was put on a list from the senior center run out of a church in her hood.So maybe go to the senior center close to their house to see what's what targeted for their neighborhood. That is usually how grants are done.

In New Orleans, the Preservation Resource Center did an annual 'Christmas in October" in which they did a dz elderly homeowners houses and did whatever was needed from roofing, plumbing, ramps, painting, whatever for elderly low income and this was 100% free, businesses did it as part of community outreach so you would have the Citigroup painting team, the Browns Dairy landscaping team etc. So maybe there is something like this in their city.

Alot of cities have grant $ for low-flow toilet replacement. You can just go and pick them up (FUN!) usually 2 per homeowner, have old high school buds who did this in TX. They also got a free programmable thermostat replacement from the local power company, free trees from the Sierra Club. My point is there are grants, programs out there but you have to drill down to find for their city or neighborhood. Good luck and stay local.
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