So my grandma is having a lot of accidents. She's using the walmart brand of depends and while this helps when it's a real accident. Most of her accidents involve her walking to the bathroom, pulling own her pants then peeing before she sits on the toilet. This results in pee everywhere even in her shoes, in her clothing and on my tile floor. This house was just recently built and we have only lived here two months and already the bathroom smells of urine. I'm trying to use clorox, kaboom, lestoil and none of these items work. I have an airwick freshener in the room but that doesn't do anything to mask the smell.

The toilet smells strongly of urine too since she uses a plastic toilet riser. I have tried bleach tablents in the toilet, lestoil hanging tablets in the bowls, spraying with various products and still the place just smells like urine. I never cared much before as my grandma had her own special toilet but now her toilet is the main one in the house and connected to the living room so the smell oozes out there. I'm trying to keep up with all of it but honestly I'd have to do laundry everyday to really keep up with the urine stained clothing and have to spend hours cleaning the bathroom everyday to keep up with her every hour to hour and half bathroom use.

Has anyone had any luck with this issue and how to get the urine smells out of clothing? I'm considered because since losing my mom, my dad has been really depressed so I am thinking of introducing a cat into the house. I don't want the cat having issues peeing everywhere with her urine stains being strong in the house.

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littlemisskitty, if the urine has a strong smell it can be one of two things, your Grandmother isn't drinking enough water and/or medicines that produce a strong odor.

For clothing, when I was washing my Mom's clothes [she was in long-term-care] the forums here recommended 20-Mule Team Borax which did help.

For hard surfaces, one could go to the pet stores and buy products to help with the cleaning/smell, can be found in the cat aisle.

As for a cat, usually a cat won't pee everywhere inside unless the cat has a UTI type of problem. Human pee didn't the same smell as cat pee. Oh, I just noticed that your Grandmother has Alzheimer's/Dementia, I personally wouldn't bring in a new pet as your Grandmother could become jealous of the pet and not be friendly with it. Not fair for the cat or any pet. Plus there would be issues walking about the house as a cat likes to sleep anywhere it wants... could be a tripping issue for Grandmother if she doesn't see the cat.
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If you have scrubbed the bathroom and still smell urine here is something I learned from having boys, if the toilet doesn't have a bead of caulking around it at the floor urine can seep under it and even eventually soak into the sub floor.
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Betadine Scrub, on everything, even the laundry. Iodine chemically neutralizes urine.
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