Just asking if any of you felt there were good books or resources about caregiving? My own personal experience was learn as I go along, doing most if it by ourselves and occasionally getting a great tip from a social worker or doctor.

I know nothing is perfect and everyone's journey is different. But I wished there was a checklist of things to know about ahead of time so we didn't go in totally blind. This is overwhelming as it is.

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Dixiedoodle, to start out, go to the green/blue bar at the top of the screen and click on CARE TOPICS. Lot of excellent articles regarding just about everything related to elder care :)

I tried reading numerous books, but I felt I got more information just by asking questions on the forum.
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Hi Dixiedoodle,

The article below might be a good starting point for you. In it, one of our elder care experts discusses a few books that she found helpful. She also lists a number of publications (covering many different topics) that AgingCare members have strongly recommended on the forum over the years.

As freqflyer mentioned, there is a lot to explore in the Care Topics section of the site. The "New to Caregiving" topic page is full of basic information and resources for those who are just beginning this journey.

I hope this helps! Take care.
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