Happy news - mom can see someone next week for an evaluation! It's a miracle!

Question - should mom go by herself? I'm afraid that she won't remember important things to share with the doctor, and that she won't remember much about the appointment to share with me and sis. Both will make the visit useless. She has longstanding issues with depression and anxiety, and perhaps a personality disorder as well. She was abusive when we were kids. And still has moments now.

I'm thinking:

1. send some information to doctor ahead of time

2. introduce myself to doctor then excuse myself

3. maybe come back in at end?

Or maybe the doctor has a way of dealing with this? She's part of a geriatric practice.

What's worked for other people in this situation? thanks in advance

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Definitely make a list of your observations before hand and hand them to the doctor.

Let the doc take the lead on whether or not she wants you in the room initially.

For my mothers very extensive neurocognitive testing, the neurologist was fine with my being in the room, the psychiatric nurse and the neuropsychologist both wanted to see mom alone.
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Send and email to the doctor. Some will want you present. Others may not. Or call and ask someone at the office tell them your concerns about her forgetting. If you do go to the appointment let your mother speak for herself, unless the doctor asks you a specific question.
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Thanks for the suggestions. My sister and I will make a list and connect with the doctor before the appointment, then go from there.
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