I have no money, and either do they! My house is not set up for them! I live on a steep hill. Have steep Stairs. They would live downstairs. It needs a new bathroom. I have not been able to find a job. My parents have no money,just SS. Mom has many health issues. They are in there 80s. They FIGHT 24-7! I left when I was 16 because of the fighting! I Love them Very Much, BUT can not live with them!! Dad understands,Moms another story.My 21 year old Son lives downstairs right now, I would have to kick him out. Financially I could not do it! They have a reverse mortgage, and can afford the Taxs , home repairs, every day living expenses. Need Help! Do not know how to tell them this will not work! I will Help them find a place.

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It is difficult. You really just need to tell them it won't work. Promises are easy to make when our parents are younger and healthy; but the reality is they can't always be kept. It is not your fault and possibly they really need more care than you would be able to give; especially when you find a job and are not there all day.

Best of luck!
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When did you make them this promise, and how specific were you about it?

I'm translating your feeling that you made them a promise to "it's completely impractical for my parents to live in my home, and I feel terribly guilty about it." Well, there are lots of things you can do to help them that would help to overcome the guilt you feel (I think we all feel some guilt, for some reason, no matter what we do!) - you can help them research other, affordable living options and make arrangements, you can visit them often, you can encourage your adult son to give them a certain amount of his time and attention… But you don't need to upend your entire life to be a good daughter; and anyway for the time being, being a good mother - i.e. not evicting your son just now - comes first. As does continuing your job search.

So what's the urgency? Do they need to move straight away? What are their care needs?
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