I have just recently applied and had an application with the State of NC Legal Aid assist me with my recent NC Adult Medicaid application. I applied in late March. They have not disclosed what basis they made their decision but rather use the generic response and link in the Medicaid Manual. My disabled spouse went thru the hoops even after proving from his Pulmonary Specialist with a letter that he could no longer work or was employable due to his lung capacity of 40% in both lungs along with many other medical issues that required him to be on 17 medications.
I am now in the process of requesting my own records from over (8) providers including my RX printout from Walgreens. It is a shame how much the markup is for generic medicaitons. If we just had to pay for mine my husband's check would be gone. He is finally on both Medicare and Medicaid. If anyone has anymore proactive ways to deal with this hearing which I do not have a date for yet please let me know.

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I am 53 next month. Yes I have looked online at the Manual/PDF version. I have several medical issues Ataxia, Carpel Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Angina, Anxiety, and others. I have a walking cane now that I have to use in the house and outside if I leave for appts. I was also issued a permanent disability handicap placard for my vehicle. I have not driven since December due to my muscle weakness getting worse. As soon as I get the hearing date I was instructed to call Legal Aid back with the date. I personally feel that some of my medical records were never sent out. My husband's application was handled by the same Local DSS and their guidelines.
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I'm not sure what your options are but are you at least 60 years of age? That is one of the groups they assist regardless of income, according to their website.

You might ask them to put their reason for the decline in plain English.

You might also call around to some Elder Law attorneys and see if one will consult with you.

The social worker at the County Social Services offices took my cousin's Medicaid application.

Have you looked online at the requirements to qualify?

Who handled your husband's application, since you say he has been approved?
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