They reside in a nursing home. So far I am going to report SS income, state retirement income, a written off credit card (1099 C cancellation of debt), insurance premiums paid, and nursing home payments made.

Is there anything else I should bring to my tax preparer or anything else you use in tax preparing for your loved ones??

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Your going to want to take proof your parents are on Medicaid and proof of income to debt so the tax preparer can file an exception to get the 1099-c discharged.
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aj6044, my parents used a CPA for their taxes over the years and it made that part of helping them so much easier. I just relied on what the CPA needed, he would send me a workbook to guide me on what papers were needed.

With the tax laws changes, it's a guessing game what is now needed. Let the tax preparer guide you.

And make sure your preparer is very experienced in preparing such taxes for your situation.
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If they are private pay, any interest made on accts, shares, stocks, etc. But you will receive 1099 for these. The law says that paperwork needs to get to the recipient by Jan 31st. I would use the same preparer they always used. He/she should have kept copies of previous filings. I would only use a CPA if there is a lot involved. Your parents seem to be cut and dry.

I would take picture IDs too and SS cards. My preparer requires it.
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