It is as stupid then as it is now. I am a smart woman. I love my Mother more than God. My siblings are jealous and I like to drink. Nutshell... Oh... I stopped the drinking part. Even though it had NOTHING to do... This needs to be fixed. They are keeping me from her...

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Tell it to the Judge. He's the one who imposed supervised visitation and he's the only one who can un-impose it.
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I think that you need to realize that trust is something that is EARNED. Your siblings don't trust you because of your past drinking behavior, apparently. Sit down with your siblings and discuss what you have done to change and how long it has been since you last drank and what you are doing to make sure you don't drink again. I'm sure they can set some boundaries as to when they will feel comfortable trusting you alone with your mom again. In the meantime, supervised visits are not keeping you away from your mother. You can visit her, but the visit must be supervised. So what? I'm sure the supervisor is also reporting back to your sister as to whether or not you show signs of being drunk. I would even suggest a pocket breathalyzer be used at each meeting and shown to the person supervising the meetings. I would begin by requesting MORE supervised meetings with your mother - perhaps double what is currently allowed. Regaining trust is a matter of time and proving that you CAN be trusted. You can get there. The first step is being open with your POA sister about what your are doing to change and regain her trust and really listening to your sister about what she needs from you in order for her to trust you again.
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