Can you please share any legal options that worked managing for a dementia parent paying their bills, balancing checkbook, move from unsafe home?

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It depends on the state, so you really need to consult with an elder care attorney in your own state.

I'm in Florida and just found out that even with a DPoA I can not force my mom to move into assisted living unless I go to court and get guardianship which is long, costly and might not even work, OR wait for a crisis and hospital stay to force the issue with "unsafe discharge".

Hopefully you are NOT in a wait for a crisis state and can move your loved one into appropriate care with a DPoA.
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If yo do not have POA at this time it may be that the only thing you can do is obtain Guardianship so that you can make decisions and take care of financial, legal, medical affairs.
Much bill paying can be done on line or even a direct charge on a credit card or auto pay from the bank.
If the parent, spouse...has been declared incompetent then moving them to a place that is safe is "easy". It is more difficult emotionally to get that done. If there are funds hiring caregivers is an option but that is only if the house can be made safe enough to do that.
A sit down session with an Elder Care Attorney is a first step.
Also if the parent is a Veteran the VA might be of help. Depending on where and when they served that would be a little help or a LOT. If they are a Veteran contacting the VA and asking to talk to a Social Worker or better a call to your local Veterans Assistance Commission will get you many answers.
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Having POA would help. If Dad is in the early stage and understands what signing a POA means then you may want to see a lawyer if u don't have a POA in place and soon. I would have it written up for "immediate". Otherwise its a "Springing" which means a doctor would have to say he is incompetent for the POA to be in effect. Immediate means your responsibilities start as soon as Dad signs the paper.

Otherwise its guardianship and that's expensive. You can use Dads money but I think you have to win to do that. You will have to report to the State every year.

Are you on Dads bank accounts? If so, u can pay his bills. As a POA you don't need to be on the accts you just pay the bills with POA behind your name.
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