And thanks for the other suggestion you made concerning my mom. I returned to the west coast to return to work but my mom lives in Texas. I know that you guys suggested that I Contact the APS concerning her, which is being done. How would they help her? She definitely has some cognitive issues. I told her to not leave cat food outside her condo for stray cats. The condo association has already cited me (property is in my name) for that. I tell her not to do this and sure thing she does it the next morning. She forgets. At least she has a nurse that comes out to see her twice a week and a cleaning lady 3 times a week. Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.

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Problem with the property being in your name is you are responsible for what she does when she violates Condo Association rules.
I am not sure if I have seen your other posts, and there is nothing to go on in your profile.
Who shops for mom? Does she have a cat of her own?
Can you get the cleaning lady to check for cat food and remove it? At least that will be done a few times a week . And if she can remove any other cans of cat food so that mom does not put out more. (this goes for dry food if she is putting out dry)
It sounds like mom should not be living alone.
If she does not have a POA and APS steps in they may require that she have a Guardian. If this is not something that you or another family member can or want to do then the Court would appoint a Guardian. (this is if she is declared incompetent) If she is competent then she would not need a Guardian. However you will have to make the decision if you want to continue to pay fines for food left out and at that point your option would be to ask mom to vacate the property and give her the option of Assisted Living, Independent Living, an apartment that she can manage or Memory Care if that is appropriate.
If she has dementia living in a property owned by you might present a problem if she starts a fire, leaves water running, leaves doors or windows open or in some way causes property damage. This includes driving if she drives.
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