A question for the medical professionals regarding dementia. Does the person actually feel anything like pain or any other feeling of discomfort?

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I am,not a medical professional. But I as have many others, have been in the trenches with it from experience.

Discomfort and fear yes. Lashing out yes.
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Yes! Anxiety can cause and not limited to the following: dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches, fainting, falling down, vomiting, minor aches and pains throughout the body or just in one part of the body, and mostly fear, which in itself can be very difficult for someone with dementia!

Just imagine waking up from a nightmare and you are afraid but don't understand why you are afraid or where you are or who are the people around you. Having an anxiety attack is being afraid of something real or unreal then on top of that you have no idea what you are afraid of or what is going on...the brain then over reacts.

So yes, one can have physical pain and discomfort with anxiety attack. They are not fun!

I hope this helped you!
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Unfortunately this is true...dementia is absolutely terrible!
Imagine knowing you are disappearing. What would that bring you?
Deep breath and soldier on.
You are amongst those who know.

Stick around. Read. Ask questions as you are doing. I never would have come out somewhat sane without this forum.
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