We are covering expenses since we cannot house them.

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You can try downloading "Free Helpful Guides" that is provided here on AC. Just look on the ads/items on the right side of your screen. Perhaps scroll down.

You can also click on the top blue tabs "Senior Living" and "Caregiver Support" and "Elder Care." Just choose a tab, and the topic that might meet you and your parents' needs.

Not knowing the home situation, the current financial status, you might also contact your local government's elderly division. I live on a small island. And we do have a program for the elderly - govt caregiver comes and sponge bathe my bedridden father 4 x week, free meals-on-wheels lunch for him, and even a discount on the supplies (pampers, wipes, gloves, etc..)

When my mom was diagnosed with dementia 25 years ago, he retired and did a lot of calling. He got all that set up for mom. Can you believe, in the 23years of mom's dementia (with 13 years bedridden), I think I only washed her about 5 times! She had daily bathes 5 x week. What my father did was when he connected with one agency, he would ask if there are other programs that they can recommend to him.
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