Had 14 teeth pulled and then dentures put in same day and time.

This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question. was LESS to not have this agony increased? Was it you who agreed? Then they didn't explain things very well. If you have the funds, I wouldn't even go back. Did they even give you post-op instructions? It's helps especially the first 24-36 hours...swelling is kept down, less swelling, less pain. And no straws, no hard candies...keep the odds in your favor. Get some rest, eat softly, and when you feel better in a couple days or less, start researching, asking friends, other an oral surgeon and ask who they think is good with dentures. Will keep you in thought and hope for an easy time of it...
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OMG...that's called I believe, an immediate denture. Cannot imagine doing that. Of course you have a better appearance, but who feels like going out and being in public when in agony. Take them out, use some ice, and rest. Learned the lesson the hard way (bad dental situation myself) that any, and I mean ANY exertion will increase your blood pressure which puts pressure in the tissues that are healing and that generates pain. I don't know who made the choice to do it this way, but you might want to consult/change could be expensive so you may have to stick it out with the person you started with. Be cautious. Some are in it for the money and looking out for their patient is secondary. I would personally never let a dentist remove any teeth, only an oral surgeon who I'd meet first to see if I liked them. Learned all my lessons the hard way!
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When my dad had his upper teeth removed, 14 in same day visit, they told him 6 weeks for the swelling to go down and the gums to heal completely.

They were pushing for the same day dentures but his pain receptors are all wonky, I was afraid it would be very painful and him not notice causing his system trauma.

The surgeon encouraged me to feed him ice cream to help with the swelling, which was huge.

I hope you get some relief from the pain soon and there is nothing wrong just normal agony from all that dental work;-)

Oh yea, no sucking for 3 weeks, dry socket concern.
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My mother had that done.... 80 years ago - I can't imagine a dentist and denturist doing that today, even the 14 extractions would normally be done over multiple appointments. It is going to take a while for the gums to heal and the swelling to completely disappear, I would think at least a month. I don't know how they could have taken an accurate impression to make the denture on the same day but it is common to return to have the fitting tweaked to file away any places that are rubbing. If you aren't getting any help then maybe it is time to visit a different denturist for their opinion.
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They told me the first is a temporary plate, findings show they can charge more, I mean people will wear them more consistently when they are put right in. But the way, it was 1k less not having them put right in.
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