My father-in-law has not worked enough to qualify for medicare. He has no income (we support him), but he has a few thousand dollars in a retirement account, and because of that he has too much money to qualify for medicaid. Does he have any options?

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Jeanne's idea to spend down is good.

Do you have any idea how many work quarters he is short? If it just a couple of quarters short could he possibly work to get those credits? Was it the case that he worked but had unreported income therefore did not pay taxes on his income or pay into Medicare? In some situations his old employer can be held responsible for making up the taxes & Medicare as they "gamed" the system with their employment accounting & reporting. I'm assuming if he can't draw Medicare then he doesn't have SS either. Was he married to someone for at least 10 years so that he can draw their SS spouse benefit?
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Spend the money in the retirement account until the amount allows him to qualify for Medicaid. One good use of the money is a prepaid burial/creamation plan.

I assume he qualifies on the basis of medical need?
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