example - not enough staff to watch and care for residents in secure units, residents fall or get pushed and end up with broken hips/ residents left alone while psw's are making beds, what is this? Residents being rushed through meals so staff can complete paperwork or other jobs before shift ends. It takes longer to feed and or get people with dementia to eat their food. What's it going to be like for us?

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I often wonder this myself. Add to that a younger generation that does not have a positive view of "old people" (ie: anyone over 45) and are moving back home where they will never mature and learn to stand on their own. I cannot find in-home caregivers under the age of 50 for my Mom. If they do send a 20-something, they are lazy, don't want to do the "icky" stuff, like bathing, and one even looked through my Mom's cabinet for drugs.
I have always thought that we needed third option like most European countries have. There are small groups of seniors who pool their resources and live communally - join together for meals etc. This is a much more humane approach, everyone looks out after each other, and the government is left OUT of it!!
Too many businesses have sprung up recently that pick the pockets of seniors (ALFs, NHs, and Medicare suppliers are at the top of my list.) Meanwhile, science is creating ways for us to live longer. Who wants to live longer???? I just want to live a relatively safe and healthy life....sticking around longer than I am welcome does not appeal to me.
I guess it is up to us to be the voice of change....but who has the time? But I agree, the warehousing approach is just not working.
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