Nursing home has lost her glasses. She is unable to understand much at this time so they should be responsible , yet I am unsure of how to address this problem. Also it smells like urine and she was in messed pants, it’s too far away to just drop in and the last time her husband and son went they stopped them and said she was” making progress “ and they shouldn’t go in so they just left! He thought she didn’t want to see him and was very hurt. He is not very good with things like this then I called and told them I was coming and they tried to get me to tell them when and what time. She has a black eye which they said she was treated in ER for because she fell. It sounds bad to me yet I just don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

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Was the son called about the fall and hospital visit. If not he needs to report this. The must call the family member or POA about any falls. They called me about a skin tear and a bruise.

No, it shouldn't smell like urine. Its because they aren't changing the residents or cleaning up correctly. They cannot turn him away. Call an Ombudsman and ask for an investigation. Husband can have her moved.
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