I’m wondering if it’s necessary to see my DHs neurologist every six months. The Dr is kind and caring but other than asking about any changes, there really isn’t anything to be done. My husband is on aricept and namenda which we seem to be having some luck with. He also sees his primary every 6 months and his urologist every 3 months as he gets UTIs periodically.

He has just enrolled as well in a study at Univ. of Miami for a new Alzheimer's drug and he is being screened constantly there for any changes. As I said we are happy with the Dr but it is a busy office and a long wait and if I can spare my DH , and myself, the waiting room angst and stretch the visits to possibly 8 months I’d love it.

Any thoughts and/or advice ?

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As long as your primary care Dr. will fill the prescriptions, stretch out appointments with the neurologist as long as you like. You know your husband & his behavior more than the Dr. so go on your timetable. In my opinion, a lot of these Dr.’s keep you coming just to keep their pockets padded.
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Ask, I went a year for Mom. If he is in a program, then I see no reason to go unless he needs refill of meds but then maybe the program can do that. Primary maybe for refills. Some meds you have to see a dr every six months. If the program seems to be meeting the needs of a neurologist and PCP, cut their visits out for now.
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Thank you fairiefiles. I rescheduled the appt for a few months later .
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Can the University study monitor him for whatever his neurologist would be checking? Or his primary care doctor or the urologist? My DH and I have become a bit resistant to follow-up visits the seem to achieve nothing except a bill.
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Somethingelsa Apr 1, 2019
Yes , the study is definitely monitoring him neurologically . Probably even more than he would be and his primary care is extremely thorough and caring . You put it very well about being resistant to those follow up visits .
Thank you . I think
I ‘ll go with my gut and stretch out the time between visits
Pops goes in every six months because the med he's on has to be monitored with blood work. You can ask the Neuro if there is a way to move to once a year visits with you contacting for an earlier appointment if you notice any changes. Some doctors will allow that but some insurance companies can be rigid on schedules too. I hope you can work it out.
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