Well, I myself am 54, and also my 83 year old mother's caregiver. As of late. I am finding it more difficult to get my mother to do the things that are pretty much everyday things. She still gets around and is relatively capable, though I notice that her memory is beginning to fail a bit, the doctor has informed me that she is suffering from early onset dementia and has prescribed drugs accordingly which has seems to slow the effects. I am finding it harder to get her out of bed and to be up and around.... it is like it takes an act of congress to get her to get up and eat, take pills. Once I DO get her up I can get her to eat and take her pill dosages.

The problem is that I also work, mostly from home, but there are times when I must focus on work and cannot tend to her and she takes advantage of that and pretty much stays in bed almost all day. I was thinking that if someone could come in and help her up on some sort of morning schedule to get dressed, eat, and to also go over her medications that would be so much easier for me, and definitely for her as it would give her some sort of structure......she tends to listen to others far quicker than she will me. For instance, I can goad her for hours to get up, but let my aunt come over and say "Lorraine, get up!" she is up like a shot!

Even if it was just an hour or two a day, or every few days it would be a Godsend as it would be a new dynamic for her, and would allow me time to do other domestic things here at the house... I feel and wish that I could be three people sometimes. I'm all that my mother has at this point as I lost my dad and two brothers in the course of five years, It was tough initially, but I'm a firm believer in prayer and strength. But I also know when a little help goes a long way........ where and how would I find it?

By the way, you have no idea how much this forum means to me.... i read your stories and am always sending prayers and I feel like I am not alone..... Thank you so very much, and God bless!

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Hello thebigguy1,

Welcome to You are so wonderful for what you do for your mom. I am including a link below to help you in your search for home care to get a bit of relief that you are looking for in her care. You will see a blue search box towards the top of the page where the link takes you. I hope this helps.

Warm regards,
Melissa R.
The Team
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