I need a new agency that accepts her insurance and we have the same address. Would that be a problem?

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sanchezamelia, we need more information. I see from your profile that your Mom is only 50 years old, or is that your age [the website form isn't very clear about who's date of birth should be listed]?

If the caregiving group is via Medicaid, then you would need to go through Medicaid. You mentioned that you are being paid to be your Mom's caregiver, is that right?

By the way, Medicare does not pay for any caregiving, they will pay for occupational/physical therapy. Medicare is mainly for hospitalization, surgery, doctor appointments, therapy.

As for Amerigroup, you would need to check with them to see what is available.
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We are not an employment agency. We are a forum of caregivers that share our experiences and try to help each other get thru caregiving.

Mom being on Medicaid is probably ur stumbling block. Does your agency bill Medicaid or any government agency for the hours you work? This maybe the problem with getting paid. You need to call them and find out why you are receiving your pay check. You are also entitled to back pay. Figure out what it is, and call the Labor Board and tell them u aren't being paid. Or the government agency who is paying for u to care for Mom. Ask them what other agencies in ur city they would cover.
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