7 months ago, I brought my grandma to the hospital, because she was feeling some discomfort on her side and I informed her I was taking gram. Now mind you, I been taking taking care of her for 9 years and my grandma is the apple of my eye. I would never hurt her. No one comes to the house, except my sister's son. He always comes to spend time with us. My sister decides to see her in the hospital and the next thing I know when I see gram is the social worker yelling in my face telling me they called APS. I cried my eyes out. To make a long story short, my sister was busy slandering my name to doctors, hospitals, and rehab. She changed my grams health proxy to herself without consent of my gram. She put on a show for everyone and eventually the truth came out. I could of went to jail and gram could of been placed in a nursing home. Thank God that didn't happen!!!! I even still see a pyschologist because everything she did and said killed me literally. It was a tramatic event for me, because I am really loving and caring to my gram. Now her son was over today and tells me his mom wants to come for a visit tomorrow. She knows what she's done to me and gram and she hasn't even attempted contact until now! I feel PTS coming on.

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If Gma is in your home you don't have to allow sister in your house. If she makes trouble call the police. Tell them she is a danger to you.
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I think I would hire a caregiver to be there while your sister visits so you don't need to be there yourself. Explain that there is some family conflict and you don't wish to be present (you don't need to go into detail) and make it clear that the caregiver isn't to leave until you return home.
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After reading your other postings, it sounds like you have been through a lot of negative situations since you started taking care of your grandmother 7+ years ago.  Since your sister has a history of causing trouble, I would tell her son that you and grandmother do NOT want the sister (his mother) to visit grandmother  because she lives with you and because of the past problems that occurred.  PERIOD.

You need to shut your sister out of your life and your grandmother's life.  You need to set up boundaries to help keep negative people away from you and your grandmother.  {{{HUGS}}}
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Jessy2you Apr 2019
Thank you for the hugs, I am not the one to keep gram from no one, but I cant forget how she played me out to be this horrible person in the Nursing home where my gram was in for sixty days. The looks these people would give me and I didn't do one thing. Once the APS worker exposed my sister, she didn't even return to the Nursing to see gram. My gram suffered there for 60 days. It's like her roses, pictures, snacks clothes she bought were all a front to make herself look good and she never went back. So this weekend comes I had gram up straight until 3:30 p.m. no calls and no one came. Gram wanted me to bring her for a nap. She waited up and usually takes a nap earlier in the day and we waited. 10 minutes later she shows up and has her communicate with me whether gram is up and sped off.
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