My mother has recently shown signs of dementia - forgetting words, names of people, and has started to get flustered when out of her normal environment or when there is too much activity surrounding her....over the last 6 months things have been starting to excelerate and we have decided to talk to her about her health and to start looking for an assisted living facility for the near future when she needs it. Can anyone suggest a good facility in or near Tamarac Florida? We'd like to give her as much freedom and independence as possible.

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The best thing is to visit differient facilities ther is no perfact one-it would be bst to find one clise to you so you cango in often. I found with nursings home the ones that had liberal visiting hrs. was best so you could visit early or late most places work under regulations that are mostly followed the best have a pt/resedient committee that meets reguarly to address concerns and some have family invovelment and most have ombudsoms who are involved with residents/family issuses. If you can just wander into a facicality and look around visiting the kitchen area and a common room and the halls where residents have their rooms and abserve how the nurses and CNA's work you can find out a lot more then reading a glossy form that puts it in a great light also what kind of activities are available to the people living there is bingo the main recrecation-my husband had been in rehab more than 15 times so I became very involved,
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