She has dementia. Her whole daily routine has changed. She sleeps almost all the time and when she is awake she doesn't remember or know that she has been sleeping for days. The doctor did say she was at the beginning stages of dementia. When I ask her if she is ok or if she needs to go to the doctor she tells me she is fine there is nothing wrong. Should I be concerned?

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Call her doctor and report this sudden change. She might be suffering from a urinary tract infection, which can cause a sudden change in mental and physical status.
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check UTI blood work. UTI CAN MESS THE BODY UP - FAST.

My friend said that anything that happens that fast should just be given prescripptions for UTI's just to get a head start on it. It's better than a spinal tap, which my aunt went through.

If she isn't drinking enough, she could get deydrated fast which will make her kidneys not work, etc, etc, bladder, and whatever else that can shut down quickly.
If she is dehydrated then she will need an IV of fluids to get it back up to normal.

Urgent care doesn't take people that age, or at least that was what I was told, best to get to dotor, or hospital if they tell you that. \\\

ONce IV FLUIDS and ANITBIOTICS START FLOWING, your mom should wake up.

They can tell with blood test. get her in. no resaon to wonder. You are not over reacting.
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Since she's resistant you could tell her the doctor's office called and it's time for her annual check-up. Or tell her that insurance now requires one for everyone over 80.
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