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just read your post, please know you are not alone in this situation. I am an only child, mom is 95 with early alzheimers and I have been going through this for the last couple of years. believe me I know how hard it is and I have a pretty sharp temper myself sometimes, especially when she gets right in my face accusing me of stealing her money or wishing she would die, etc. and I had a really hard time with it at first because my mom and I had always been best friends and so close. but I finally realized it wasn't her and I finally realized I needed my Lord to help me deal with the situation, not just when things were rough but all the time, so every morning and really any time I have to deal with her face to face (which is every day since she is still living in her own home/next to me)I simply stop and repeat a little prayer I have which tells me that I am not meant to carry anyone. only God alone can. He is the Savior and Provider, not me. You can walk beside you cannot carry. Lay people down at the feet of Jesus and come to the sweet understanding He has carried them all along. God Bless.
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