I have tried everything the Dr has ordered and many OTC treatments. The pain is unbearable. Any suggestions?

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Glad you contacted her dr. Years ago i had costochondritis and was so incredibly excruciating, was in my 40s at the time. I can only imagine with shingles added in that your mom is in a lot of pain. Has her dr given rx for NSAID or pain meds of some type Hope you get some answers and your mom gets some relief!! Blessings to you
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DaizyMae Jul 28, 2020
Yes, she has rx Tylenol and naproxen. Recently added gabapentin. Problem was she had valtrex for shingles and it made her lethargic and hallucinate so she had to come off of it. This has really been a fight? Thank you for the blessings. We all need those!
She has not. This has been going on since July 4. I contacted her Dr today and asked for at home nursing care. I'm expecting a return call tomorrow. Thank you for your response.
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Has she seen a pain specialist?
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