I have cared for my mom for several years. My son is now her primary care aide I'm secondary. We have never charged her the whole co pay. I never took payment from her. Utter we both have to remit pure hours to a p/r agency. I'm not sure how to file my taxes.


Ok, a copay, is this thru a long term policy or Medicaid?

If it is thru a policy or Medicaid, it would not be through a payroll company but a fiduciary intermediary...two different things but are often confused and there are different rules. Can you give more details

Also, are you saying you filed an extension for last year or taxes going forward?
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I, too, am confused.

What copay? What is the "whole copay" that mom, evidently, should be paying.

Are you being paid to care for her? Are you and/or son providing medically necessary care?

Sounds like a consult with an elder law attorney is a good idea to determine if mom is now your dependent.
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Could you provide a few more details? I’m a little confused by what you wrote. What is the co-pay for? I’m only aware of an insurance co-pay for medications or health care. I’m also not certain what you mean by primary care aide. Do you mean POA? And what is a “p/t” agency. Are you an employee of this agency?

In any case, it would probably be in your best interests to see an accountant or a professional tax preparer who can give you advice based on your specific situation.
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Isthisrealyreal Aug 14, 2019
Ahmijoy, she has p/r agency, sounds like payroll agency.

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