She isn’t paying any of our bills because she says she’s not sure she has the financial POA. How do I find out if she does, the lawyers say it’s confidential.

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Your profile is blank so I’m kind of flying blind here. I’m assuming for some reason you are unable to ask your husband where the important papers are? My mom, bless her heart, had file folders in her desk and kept meticulous records.

Your step-daughter doesn’t need financial POA to pay your bills. Why is she being asked to pay your bills? You aren’t able to? In order to pay bills, she needs to be on your checking account. I was on my mom’s account and I paid her bills without having POA.

If she’s not sure whether she’s got financial POA, is there any reason why she can’t ask the attorney?
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Do you have joint accounts?

What bills are going unpaid?

Is there a reason your husband can't make you his poa?
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Bull, POA documents are not confidential and neither is what kind someone has been given! Tell his daughter to read her POA and see if it gives her financial POA. In some states, the Durable POA is registered with the county register of deeds and can be found on the county web site.

Your profile does not say what sort of health problems your husband has. Is he competent and willing to change his POA to you?

Why are you not able to pay your bills? Is is because you have separate accounts? Ya'lls money as a couple should still be available for you to pay bills with. The financial POA does not really do anything until the person who gave the POA is no longer competent to handle their money.
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