All she does all day is stare out the window. I've tried working small puzzles with her, reading a book, tv, and even velvet art coloring (shes a perfectionist and gets angry if she colors out side the lines). She will fold laundry but I can't just give her laundry to fold all day.

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She has ALZ/Dementia very hard to occupy them. My Mom had a hard time reading and books were her thing. Their minds no longer can comprehend or keep on topic. They lose motor skills. The brain is dying. In my experience, if they didn't do it before they aren't going to do it now. They cannot learn new things. There shortterm memory doesn't work anymore. So they can't "store" what they have been taught. You look at a puzzle and see where the shapes match up, her mind doesn't see that anymore. If she didn't like to do puzzles before, she won't like them now. And, they do get frustrated because the brain doesn't do what it is suppose to.

Ask the Aunt what did Gmom like to do before her Dementia. Maybe she liked music. You can put some on for her. TV, find one of the stations showing the old TV shows. She may not enjoy it now because she can't follow the plot. Nothing violent. My Mom got upset over a EMT show because there were bombings and fires. She thought they were really happening.
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The aunt said she use to enjoy housekeeping, which is another issue I have I can't keep the house clean enough for her. But she also made things which is why I thought drawing might be nice. We turn on things like tv land for her which has a lot of old black and white shows but she just doesn't like it and will tell me to turn it off. I'm afraid this is just how it is.
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So maybe she will help you more with the housekeeping? If she liked it, and it's familiar to her, that could keep her busy....
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