He has skin cancer down to the bone with an open wound and it has made its way into his lower torso and intestive starting in the lung. I am trying to get him to agree to go into a nursing home, however I dont know if he can get financial help. He has no money and I have spent all my money trying to keep him healthy. He is living with a friend that is getting sick of dealing with him. His wound is smelling up the house and he has started pooping his pants. I fear he will have no where to go within the week. I am not sure he will even agree to go but once his friend gives him the boot he will try to live out of his car and it is to cold in Minnesota for that. Is there anything I can do or place I can bring him that wont charge for assisted care?

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Call adult protective services in your city immediately. This is an emergency situation. You can either do that or call 911 for some reason( make one up. With everything going on with him it shouldn’t be too hard) or take him to the ER yourself, tell them he is sick and you cannot care for him and leave. If he is resistant to going into a nursing home, he must be put into a situation where he has no choice.
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Nate, is your father old enough to get SS? Medicare? Is he getting Medicaid? With what sounds like advanced cancer, he probably wouldn't have the strength to work though.

Besides following Hugemom's advice, you could also call his oncologist and ask for assistance in finding a place for him. A doctor's recommendation or mandate for someone with cancer should provide some guidelines to an ER department.

Let us know what happens; this does seem like an emergency situation.
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