We need an outdoor ramp for the 6 steps to enter our house. Ideally, we could also get a railing on our raised front deck (the height of our house less 2 steps) because he has recently become fully blind in addition to requiring a walker.

We are willing to do the labor if necessary, but would like to know about any resources to help!

Call your Office of Aging. Explain that Mom is blind and needs a ramp. In our County, there is a disabilities dept that installed a metal ramp for a friend free of charge. The stipulation being that it got returned when it was no longer needed.

My neighbor's ramp is done in a ramp starts sideways at the steps coming down to a landing, the second ramp from the landing going in opposite direction.
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Shane1124 Apr 22, 2019
That’s what I have seen too. JoAnn. Like a zig zag. And it worked well because the way it was made the person had handrails to use too and it was a nice gradient.
I think there has to be a certain steps to slant ratio when getting a permanent ramp for wheel chairs. Ask social services, medicare, contractor, for all of your questions. If it's medically needed does medicare/medicaid, or social service provide it? I think it has to be professionally installed. Ask the medical staff firs, then the contractors, Google it.

This is the way I find my 6 packs in my area... built in wheel chair ramps. I go to the door and politely ask.
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I think what Mayday said is correct. The ramp would be too steep. I’ve seen homes where an actual platform was built over the steep steps and raised everything to top of the step level. That involved a lot more construction and materials than a simple ramp.
I hope I am explaining this correctly.
As far as an agency to provide the money to cover the materials I am not sure one exists.
Maybe a Gofundme account?
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Boy Scouts for an Eagle project! Contact your local group and see what they say. Here scouts are always looking for a straight forward project.
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