She has glaucoma and can’t use medications. I have a waterproof mattress cover as well as a towel over the top sheet but she somehow manages to soak the top sheet every night anyway.

Suggestions would be appreciated.



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My relative was referred to a continence clinic attached to nearby hospital.

Continence nurse did assessment & had amazing knowledge of conditions, medications, tips & tricks.

If *cure* is not possible, then *containment* is the aim.

Nurse even measured to ensure a for good fit - as many folk buy too big which causes leaking down the legs.

You already have absorbant night pads & waterproof matress protector.

Do you have a waterproof half sheet just across middle of bed - ? (you might be using the towel for this?)

The half sheet (we use Conni brand) but google Brolly sheets if you don't know what I mean. Has to go in the wash every day but saves all that bed sheet changing.
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I used to place a top sheet folded over twice over the fitted bed sheet. On top of that I would use a quilted pad, the kind that's plastic on the bottom and quilted on the top. On top of that I used a disposable chucks pad. All nice and neat and aligned. My dad would wear a Depends at night so that was 4 layers of protection. Rarely would I have to wash anything other than the quilted pad the next morning, if that. I kept the chucks on the bed for 2 or 3 days when I would replace it with a fresh one provided it hadn't been soiled.
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I used peapod mats for Luz. I bought enough to cover nearly everything. They are washable and reusable for up to 500 washing.
check out

I also had a bed protector under the sheets but that was a real pain to use.
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