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I’d keep as much as you could. With my bedridden father, Medicare was the primary insurance. His secondary insurance supposedly covered what Medicare didn’t- which was medication.

Before you bring him home, make sure you have everything set up. You will need a hospital bed, wheelchair, a trapeze set up on bed so that he can help you lift him up to sitting position or pull himself back up to o the bed. Will he be able to transfer with your help off the bed to the wheelchair? If yes, then maybe you can get a portable toilet... You will need to learn how to transfer a bedridden person from the bed to the chair, etc... A bedridden person will need 24/7 care.... Does your father have a social worker? Perhaps you can speak to him/her on all the logistics before bringing your dad home. Have all your bases covered. Good luck.
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It is not either/or. Keep the Medicare. Then a program like Medicaid Waiver will cover medical costs not covered by Medicare. Incontinence supplies, for example. Medicine co-pays.

Where is your dad now? In hospital? Nursing home? How is that being paid for?
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