I am considering moving my dad to florida since that is where I want to go in abt a year. Family is here from Texas. I want to know if he can qualify for medicaid in florida when he has lived in texas his whole life?

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Medicaid is state run and each state has it's own nuances to Medicaid but under an overall federal guideline. They have to become a resident of the state in order to benefit from a state program. They have to meet the financial and medical requirement for Medicaid as set for the state of residence. TX Medicaid "income" ceiling is $ 2,094.00 (2011). FL may or may not be the same.

Here's where it gets sticky - I looked into this a few years back in moving my mom from TX to my state (didn't do it): 1. If dad has a home in TX it is an exempt asset for TX Medicaid as it is his homestead BUT if he moves to FL then the home in TX is NOT exempt and becomes a full asset for Medicaid. Whatever the assessed value of the home will be viewed as an asset for spend-down. If he doesn't have a home or own land, etc, then he is good to go for that hurdle. But if he does and you really truly plan on moving yourself & him to FL, you've got to sell the house and use the $ in spend-down if he needs to utilize Medicaid. You probably don't have the time to do Medicaid compliant advance planning either. Property records are all recorded and that info is just keystrokes away from being found, so no being cute at not disclosing this asset.
2. He owns a car - same as above but with a car you can easily register it in the new state. Problem solved & establishes residency.
3 - Banking stuff - find a banking group that is in your city in TX and also is in FL. Move his accounts, all $$, direct deposit of SS & retirement to new bank. This will make it all easier to do a change of address when the move actually happens.
Doing this also establishes residency.
4. If he has an non-exempt annuity or will need a Miller Trust done, it will need to be done with the new state as the beneficiary, so you will need FL legal to do this.
There are experts on this site from FL, I'd contact them for specific advice.
5. If you are really truly planning on doing this, I'd go & get a mailbox in FL. UPS stores have mail boxes for rent & also independent pack & ship type of stores that do this. Get 2 - 1 for you and 1 for dad and make that your interim address. Again establishes a presence in the new state to be able to prove residency.
6. Go to Grayton Beach & have an Apalach' Bay oyster- FL at it's best!
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Igloo seems very informed about the specifics of these two states. She is right in that every state has a unique twist on Medicaid. The best thing to do would be to find an expert on FL Medicaid. You could try their state website or call an elder law attorney in the state.
Good luck,
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