Hi, and thanks to anyone for any advice or information, in advance.

My mother is in a skilled nursing facility in Orlando, FL, but we would like to have her closer to us. (My worked caused us to move to LA.) We live in Van Nuys, a satellite city on Los Angeles county.

My mother is what is apparently referred to here as Medi/Medi: Medicaide and Medicare. She has no retirement left and we are still building in our careers and haven't the resources to support her. I am the youngest of three, but my older brother and sister aren't able to participate in her care at all. They can barely support themselves.

My mom is actually in a pretty great place, and it kills me to move her because it's at least a known quantity. They steal little things from her, silly stuff, really; denture adhesive, shirts, almost nothing of real value, but at least she's safe, and it's immaculately clean. And her food is very good. I agree with her however, it's incredibly boring. If I can just find the same kind of place here, at least I can go pick her up a few times per week and bring her shopping, out to lunch, and over to my apartment on the weekends. I have a nice little yard. I know she would love it.

But honestly, I am the least administratively-minded person on Earth. What is the first step? Does she have to be here, or can I start the paperwork for California state aid beforehand?

Lastly, despite what I just asked, I don't feel right about taking state aid. If anyone has any personal/spiritual/moral feelings or thoughts about this, please, I'd like to hear them. I'm a very firm believer, and if God wants me to take a step of faith, then I should. I know he'll bless my efforts. But I'm just scared to death of doing something stupid.

Ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, I guess I just mean that I don't want to get into something that's way over my head.

Any help would be SO appreciated.

Thank you,


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Go ahead and contact Medicare and Medicaid as well as a nursing home in CA. Start the process where you are and once everything is in place then you can move her. Medicare and Medicaid is set up for a reason, to help those less fortunate. Don't feel bad or guilty. You have to do what's best for you mother.

Best of luck and let us know what happens.

If you need references to senior living communities within your area click the following link and fill out the information:

Also, here is a link to our special Medicare section:
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