We've tried pills. Vascular surgeon, nuerologists, physical therapy, she has blood clots from hospital stay. After 1 week she could not walj for 2 1/2 months. Very painful when she walks. She wants to go back to Japan to see her 88 year old sister. Any suggestions will be appriciated. Thank you

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I cannot contact my niece who speaks japanese. She is not on favebook anymore. I will ttry to write her but its as if they do not care in Japan. Mother has become so mean to me and given every ounce of energy I have to save her. Its constance work 24/7 from the time I open my eyes to the time I collaps into bed. Im exhausted. Its constant belittling me for not doing more. Completely stressed out. Looking ten yours older w no life of my own. No oil painting for 4 years now. Everything seems to break on her home of 15 years everyday! Sick of being the man of the house and not working for myself. No sociallizing no friends in KC no family here. My bother and sister syole over 1 million dollars before I came here in 2013. My brother tried to kill our mother so he could get away with stealing mothers 50 year life savings. He died from cirrohsis of his liver August 2016 from bar tabs atm debits for drugs and going out to dinner for 30 years as he lived w mother. My sister stole her share as well. But I get hated upon for trying to be her forensic accountant and solve issues to try to get some of her money back. W no money. No help from KCPD police. FBI, HLS because they left every piece of evidence for 30 years. The authorities will not look at 1 piece of evidence. I was in real estaye for 29 years. Not accounting. Thetes too much paperwork for me to go through. All if the evidence I have should be. Sorted and made into a move where other foriegn people could see all the devious waus their children can trick them open 20 bank accounts in 4 years at the same bank transferring money from solely owned cd's by fraudulant poa's the vp of the bank notarized on different date from signature date mother signed. Bank will not take responsibility.
My brother stoled my mother's car after he wrecked it and told Mother it was totaled he brought back mother's car from the insurance company with her claim money. Stole $5,000 grandmother's bank account to fix her Camaro mother saw her Camaro again it's still out there somewhere as per the vin..
My brother had mother paying taxes and insurance on her home since 2001 when the taxes and insurance was being paid as a mortgage payment mother paid every year.
My mother trusting my brother to write out all the bills for her in which she paid all the electric gas utilities groceries repairs to the house in which my brother was trying to for sale of mother's home claiming he made all payments and he was paying for everything to mother to live in his home he was he took mother to court trying to kick her out of her own home before he died and now his kids are trying to do the same no one will help us legal aid of Western Missouri will not help us there is no one who's trying to help my mother and anyway she's Japanese she cannot read English all she has done all her life is work like a slave or my brother sister and my father before I came another 50 year life savings is completely gone mother never spent money on anything for herself if anyone knows of any help any way we can get forensic accounting to solve this issue

Department of Health and Human Services two copies of all the evidence and would not help my mother they said they don't enforce the law and they were not going to tell the Kansas City Police Department about mothers issue. The Department of Housing with HUD saw the evidence took it home for the weekend and found $525,000 that my brother had stolen from my mother and she would not report this to the police. So now what do I do if anyone has any answers please let me know because I'm at the end of my rope I can't take anymore of this thank you for all your help
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If your mom has blood clots a long plane ride probably isn't a good idea.

Blood clots are very painful. They don't go away when someone takes a blood thinner, they turn into scar tissue. That may be what's causing your mom's pain. The blood thinner just helps to prevent more clots.

Do you think your mom's health is stable enough for such a trip? Would someone be traveling with her?
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Is there some way to arrange for mom and your aunt to Skype so they can see each other and talk ?
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