She is otherwise healthy and lives in an independent living facility which I pay for. Her sight is rapidly deteriorating and I am concerned about how she will be able to take care of herself in the future. I cannot always be there for her and cannot afford extensive caregiver services. Due to other family complications, it is not possible for her to live with me. She might be eligible for Medicaid help in a nursing home. However, I know she would fight that. If there are others who have had a similar situation, I would appreciate your comments.

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Have you considered Assisted Living instead? If she is still social, she might enjoy being with people her own age. They have many visually impaired residents.
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My parents had remained in their house until their late 90's and my Mom had macular degeneration.... she could barely read, needed a flashlight which helped some times, plus she had lost most of her hearing. Mom still continued to do the cooking, making up the grocery list [Dad had to eventually write it out], still did all the laundry, vacuuming, and dusting [well, the dusting was hit and miss].

And my Mom refused to have any Caregivers come in to help her, nor wanted any one coming in to clean.

I think your Mom can continue to do ok in Independent Living as long as everything is in the same place where she knows where to find it. Moving her would cause major disruption for her, as everything would now be out of place. In her apartment she knows in her mind how many steps to takes to go from the kitchen to the bathroom, etc. And she probably has friends there that would be missed.

One thing I read is that people with vision problems do better with bright colors. Once my Dad moved to Independent Living, after Mom passed from a major fall at their house, I bought Dad a red toaster and a red microwave oven as his eyesight is starting to fail. His towels are very colorful, too.

Some Independent Living places have "extra care" opinion like a daily fee for giving the patient their medicine twice a day, and a daily fee to help with bathing.
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