Mother in law has COPD and from time to time will accidentally knock the tubing off the oxygen generator. She doesn't notice it until she gets to feeling sick and her blood O2 is way down. Are there any devices that can detect this situation? Is there a better connection method?

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In a hospital, the only way is to have a saturation monitor with a remote alarm which is too expensive. If the nasal cannula is being knocked out of place due to turning or nose rubbing at night, consider tape ( frequently used on babies) in a specific way. Be aware of skin problems with elderly. Place one of those clear see through bandaids over the cheeks. Then tape over the cannula tubing onto the clear tape. Realize that these tapes are more costly and it is not done in hospitals on adults.
IF the disconnection occurs because of several connectors are used to lengthen the hoses, ask your provider for a longer length. Generally, if connectors are really wedged on the nipple connectors, it takes a lot of force to knock it off. That includes bubble bottles. Check all of the connections to how much force is needed. If it is from the bubble bottle, ask the provider if they carry a different brand.
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I can understand if the cannula falls out of her nose; that's not unusual. But the only time I've seen the cannula become disconnected from either a stationary or portable concentrator is if the cannula isn't properly secured onto its "plug".

Sometimes it has to be twisted back and forth a bit to ensure that it's secure, but once it's on, it rarely comes off without force. In fact, in my experience, it's usually a bit difficult to remove.

Check to see if it's just sitting on the plug or if it's actually been twisted on and "screwed onto" the plug.
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I would call the company that provides the oxygen equipment and ask them for suggestions. All of those techs have hidden talents to work through different difficult scenarios.
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