She causes a disruption to the entire floor by yelling I need help, she has sun down syndrome and her mind does not rest for very long...she wakes herself up when everyone is resting peacefully. She has a history of being up several times each night because she does not sleep well. The PCP doctor was notified by staff at assisted living that she pulled the fire alarm and caused the fire trucks and police to come to the facility. Her doctor prescribed her a sleep sedative but this has been a problem because she fell at the assisted living 4 time in a week and a half and caused her to be sent to the ER for observation each time. She moved into assisted living per doctors orders one month ago, June 17th to be exact and I cannot tell you how many phone calls I have gotten in this short period of time. While inpatient she has someone in her room 24 hours a day/night.
She had a pacemaker put in last Thursday they called me to say she is being discharged on Friday and needs to go to a rehabilitation facility, she is there one night, not had an assessment yet, and has this outburst with the staff using the "f" bomb and they call me to tell me they are sending her back to the hospital.
Any suggestions as to what to do, I am at a loss at this point and need some guidance. I am open for any suggestions, thanks for listening...Jayne

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I believe what your mom needs is to be in an inpatient psychiatric unit or senior behavioral unit, ie, someplace they can get her stabilized on psychiatric meds so that she can live someplace calmly.
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It is my understanding that a psychiatric hospital or ward, can evaluate someone like her and get their medication adjusted. Can't the facility she is in suggest a place? I would find one and try to get her admitted for evaluation and treatment. I would confirm her insurance will cover it. Once she is not so anxious, you can consider where she might be comfortable.
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Your mom is way past assisted living. She needs 24/7 supervision in a dementia unit. The care program for people like your mom (and mine) is quite different than on a normal nursing home unit for the generally age-afflicted.

My mother did a lot of the similar wild stunts and mercifully ended up in a geri-psych unit for 5 days to get her under control. She would rage and fight, wild as a hellcat. Mom was discharged into the secure memory care unit of the nursing facility, where she would be safe from herself, other residents, and from wandering out.

This unit is also familiar with the protocols of dealing with someone who has "Dementia with Behaviors", such as how to approach them, how to involve other care workers, etc. Regular nursing home units are not likely to give you this specialization.

Meds are a real life saver. I do not for the life of me understand people who won't let mom or dad have meds. The right anti-psychotic and Prozac really turned down mom's paranoia, fighting, anger, and paranoia. She's wasn't a peach to be around, but it was no longer dangerous to care for her either.

Talk to your social worker to find the right placement for your mother. It may very well not be the assisted place she is at. Otherwise, you're in for a bumpy ride and a lot of phone calls until they decide she's broken some rules in the resident contract. That is a situation I promise that you do NOT want to get into.
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Did I say paranoia twice? Lordy...I must be tired.
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