My mom has Medicare/ Medicaid. Now is time for her recertification and her medicaid planner has disappeared. Now what?

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What do you mean by Medicaid Planner?
If it’s someone who helped your mom determine which Medicare & Medicaid insurance group to go with, the current WH administration cut funding for almost ACA community outreach navigators. You might call your Area on Aging to see what programs still are available as it’s still open enrollment in November.

Now if the “recertification” is for LTC Medicaid and it’s a questionnaire, then the DPOA should fill it out and provide whatever documentation requested and get it back to the state,

If FL form is anything like my late mom TX LTC NH Medicaid annual recertification was, it will have a very tight time frame for filing, requires that month and 3 mos prior of bank statements, balance in NH personal needs allowance, awards letters for incoming year and some items initially submitted with original application. On the lattter, like once again a copy of funeral / burial policy, face page of life insurance, etc. The questionnaire & documents ran abt 30 pages. If you’re ignoring this, please reread the recertification letter, it probably has a required by submission date or she can be removed from Medicaid eligibility. You as dpoa need to get it filled out and sent ASAP.
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