Mom and dad were worried they were going to lose their home. Mom had stopped paying her bills and was using her money ion scratch offs. She has asked for help and is not willing to go to gamblers anonymous. I have been working on her budget and making sure her bills were getting paid. I went on vacation and she went on a binge. She has agreed to getting a POA. I know i do not have control over what she does with her money and am struggling over what my part should be in this. Any suggestions?

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She should really be seen by her doctor, especially if this is new behavior. Compulsive gambling can be a side effect of some drugs, specifically one for Parkinson's.
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I don't have an answer, but perhaps you could provide a little more information for the next people who read this.

Is your dad still a part of this picture? What is his attitude toward your help. Is he happy about it or resentful?

How old are your parents?

How sincere do you judge your mother to be about accepting help? And does she want help with the gambling, or just with getting the bills straightened out?

What makes you suspect dementia?

A little more detail may help others chime in.
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