My mother had a stroke on a Tuesday, was released from the hospital on a Friday of the same week back to the same room at the same nursing home where she resides. Now the nursing home that already confirmed they would hold her room until she returned wants me to sign a re-admission form. Then they changed it from a re-admission but stating it was a leave of absence. How will this affect the 90 day wait for the secondary LTC insurance after Medicare to pay when she had just got to the 90 day wait right before she went into the hospital? If I make a mistake signing this it will cost us about $7200 since the 2nd insurance doesn't pay well (only $80) per day out of $269 but it is still $7200 lost if I make a mistake signing. When I first asked the billing specialist about this she claimed she had no idea. She knows every in and out of billing as she is the finance manager. So I am sceptical.

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thank you. this helped alot. i am also bringing her home next week and the doctor approved this. i just feel that it is the right thing to do and i can hire a lot of aides etc for 8 to 10k per month. i am already lining them up. thanks again.
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If Mom is already back in the facility, then I would take my time and confer with the insurance company and Medicare before signing any re-admission document. Explain to the NH you need confirm this will not cause any payment issues. Take a copy home and review the re-admission form carefully too and make sure none of the original admission contract terms are changed in the re-admission document. It may be the NH needs the readmission document to restart billing for your mother's room and care (documenting she wasn't in that room for 3 days where you don't pay the NH).
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