I am not sure if my mother has similar problem. She is 80 years now. She has lost her hearing capacity and hence could not communicate. She is kind of bed ridden person needing support for all the activity. She very recently started waking up from sleep with loud moaning (even when she is sleeping during day time). while doing so she takes both her legs to her stomach. Her both legs are not steady and shake when she takes up while sleeping. Our physician says it's kind of cerebral cry wherein there is disconnection from brain to spinal cord momentarily. Can someone guide me how would this be corrected.

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Has the physician actually examined her or is he dispensing his advice based on his personal opinions, he doesn't sound very helpful.
Moaning and drawing up her legs sounds like abdominal pain to me and in my opinion should be investigated. Is she having regular bowel movements? Could she have a UTI?
It is hard to give advice without knowing her medications and condition, but at the very least she could try taking some over the counter pain medications. If the doctor is certain it is "all in her head" ( and I hate being dismissed like that!) he could try some anti anxiety medications.
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Ask the physician.
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