My mom lives out of state, and is renting from a family friend. She has not had any running water, toilet or other facilities for a week. She does not think this is a problem and that any day the issue will be resolved. Refuses to move in with step brother across the street until can be fixed, so I am on my way tomorrow with the intention of moving her back w/Hubby and I. She and I have discussed this in the past, so while I expect extreme hesistation, hoping she will concede. Questions, does anyone know how I could legally force her to move out? She does not want to cause an issue with the owner, who is gravely ill and unable to make sound decisions. His step children are of no help, and I am focused only on my Mom's care and comfort. Any words of advice are appreciated.

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Be sure you photograph the mess, APS is better motivated by photographic proof that the premises is uninhabitable.
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Pineview, I see from your profile that your Mom has mobility issues, so no you cannot force her to move out. But there is the issue of the home.... what does her Lease say? There is usually a paragraph regarding condition of the home, which sounds uninhabitable at this point in time. Having no use of a toilet is major.

I would contact Adult Protection Services in your Mom's State who would assess the living conditions. They might conclude that your Mom cannot keep living there until certain things are fixed. That might light a fire under the step-children to have the place repaired, unless they want the house to be vacant, thus the reason there is no speed in getting things repaired.
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