Mom, 82, has lived with me for the last 4 years. She has paid me a monthly rent that is 1/4 of our monthly mortgage and utilities (that amount is as well equal to the going rate for a 1 bdrm apt in our area). She is currently in rehab SNF. She was covered for the first 20 day, and currently using days 21-100 at approximately 50% co-pay. She has a little bit in savings that will cover the co-pays, but if she's there past day 100, it will be fully self-pay. This will wipe her out in 2-3 months. Hopefully she will be strong enough to come home before that time, but I am worried about what will happen when she is broke. Should we be applying now? Some assets were transferred 3 years ago, but from a hers and my joint account into my name, and I can prove deposits to that account equal to the amount I took out as we were helping with mortgage for 7 years while she lived independently. That transfer was blessed by elder care atty, but I still worry because it hasn't been 5 years). Main worry is that while mom knew it was important, she coudn't get her act together to agree on and sign a caregiver contract, so I don't have that or a lease to account to medicaid for her monthly contribution. I would gladly pay back taxes on the amount received, but I had no idea how to classify it at the time, so we just all agreed that it was shared expenses. Will Medicaid view her portion of monthly shared expenses as "gifting"?

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Also was trying to find the answer to whether it would have been better to file Sch E and claim rental income for her portion of the house, or to pay tax on caregiver income. Elder care atty couldn't tell me.
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