Can she tell me I can't have 2 small urns of my moms ashes as well as tell me I get nothing from my mom cause we didnt see eye to eye? I wanted the urns for my sons which are too young to remember any of this. Yet my uncle that lived with her was already packing her stuff up and throwing it outside and in garbage can. There was no will and I still get told no I cant have anything of my moms yet my uncle has her car and won't give it to no one. I dont know what to do besides file a informal probate, then request all property to be returned and file theft charges against those it dont return any of her stuff they took........ I am clueless as to how to handle all the crap people are talking let alone all the other stuff I am going thru right now in my life.

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How do you know that your mother didn’t leave a will? If she did, the will named who is the executor and who inherits her property. It sounds as though you don’t get a mention, so you don’t make the decisions and you are not entitled to inherit anything. There is no such thing as an ‘informal probate’, and this doesn’t sound like a theft issue. You have no right to any of her belongings, and legal action would be expensive and probably useless. I can understand that you are upset, but it is too late now to mend bridges with your mother and change the way that things have worked out. The best you can do is hope that things improve with your other family members. Try for some peace of mind.
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(Hugs) Sorry to hear that you have recently lost your mother. I have no idea what you mean by an informal probate but if you have the means you can hire a lawyer to freeze up everything until you can sort out who was meant to inherit her things. Obviously she chose who she wanted to get the life insurance but if there's no will then there may be a case to be made that your mothers belongings should all or partially be yours. I don't know if it would be worth the fight, that's a decision you will have to make. It's a blessing that you children are too young to understand any of this or remember it. These family dramas are always tough on children. Good luck.
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