My mother is 97 years old. She is relative good health cognitively and physically. She lives with me. Lately, she sleeps 20 hours a day. She does not want to get out of bed. She says she is tired.

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Of course she is tired. She's 97. Let her sleep. If she wants to get up, she will. Enjoy the 4 hours she's up and make sure she eats something. Keep cup of ice water next to her bed, so if she wakes up she has access to water, without having to get up.
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Are you sure she's asleep 20 hours a day or just in bed 20 hours a day? I think that if you check, she's really not sleeping that much.
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Hi Odell
I would do a little inventory.
How long has this been going on?
Is your mom eating, going to the bathroom ok?
Does she take medication?
We use a oximeter to check my aunts pulse and O2. We also monitor her bp. If this is unusual behavior for your mom you might want to let her doctor know.
Has she lost weight? If her weight stays the same and she’s not eating she may be retaining fluid or poop.
At one time my aunt started staying in bed and her thyroid was off.
CHF can make a person very tired as can depression.
When was the last time your mom had blood work?

Because we keep a daily log, I can generally tell when something is off.
Too much time in bed is not a good idea. Even if she sits up in her chair and nods off in the chair it’s better than being in bed all day.
Here is a good article that lists many problems that can be caused by prolonged bedrest. I hope she’s better soon.

My mom slept very well at night but never went to bed during the day. She was tired because she had CHF but she was in her chair or walking all day.
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