My mom constantly hums all day. When asked is everything is ok she says she fine. When leave the room the humming starts. Driving me crazy.

Does she have Dementia? If she starts getting louder and louder, I would call her doctor and see if she has anxiety. She will need to be medicated because not good for her to be anxious all the time.
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My Husband did that for about the last 9 years of his life. I could not ask him about it as he was non verbal at the time.
Drove me up the wall for a while. Then It dawned on me...I'm gonna miss that when he's gone. Did not bother me as much after that thought.
And I do miss it.

Noises are a way to calm themselves. If she has a problem with tinnitus her humming might be a way to cancel out the noises she hears in her head. Sort of like a White Noise machine.

Can you wear headphones or earbuds? That might help a bit.
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If she is calm, this is just her way of self-soothing or form of singing. If the volume is a problem, then have her hearing checked.
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Perhaps she always has a song in her heart?

I have been "accused" of whistling too much, but it truly is because there is always a song in my heart. Plus our parrot whistles a few notes and I take it from there. Husband will ask why I whistling or humming something and I'll say, "Hey, Conner (the parrot) started it. I had to finish it!"
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I'm only 61 and I hum or sing(though I really can't sing)pretty much all day. I usually wake up with a song in my mind and it goes from there. I even hum all through the stores when I'm shopping. I"ve had several people over the years stop to tell me that my humming meant that I must be a happy person. I've honestly never thought much about it, until you questioned it about your mom. Perhaps like me, and what graygrammie said below, she just "has a song in her heart."
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