Mom has a rather good mind to have gone through all she has been through. There was a misunderstanding with the workers (they gossip like crazy) and a friend made ( Mom ) a friend since has been there. . This really had little to do with my Mom. The director of nurses called me and ask me some questions and I thought that was the end. They went to bingo (nurse and social worker) took mom into a small private room and started questioning her. This is after 3 phone calls to me from the director of nursing. I had no idea they were going to have such a meeting. When I ask if it was legal for Mother to be questioned like that( no one with Mom) they got all upset but didn't know the answer. I do not know the answer either. Can you pl;ease tell me if they were within their rights. Thank you, Alabama

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POA does not have the same level of authority as a Guardian. If she is still legally competent, they can talk to her and she can make decisions. We ran into this problem with mom's nursing home. We had to wave the court order (Guardianship) at the social worker to get her to stop insisting that mom could make her own decisions. You may have to do the same.
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