Please someone answer me as best as you can and I will be looking for answers today all day,Try to understand First Im sorry again here I am asking you all more ?s anyways this is every weekend routine as some of you no Momis bedridden but to her she can walk she alos has a cathletor she thinks I tie her to the bed with cathletor and that is why she cannot get up and I get so frustrated when I walk in her room and she has scooted herself all day the bed every which way and ends up with her legs thrown up over the railings and i get so upset due to the fact always has uti infections and tube is half the time contaminted and with legs thrown over railings WHATS GOING BACK UP IN HER??? ALSO for someone who supposdly cannot move much when her daughter (me) is changing chucks at times resistant but then on the other hand she can move every which way all over the bed I cannot bring myself to sit in her room 24hrs a day during week have some caregivers basically to keep her company and thats alot of money going put the door to watch her or keep company,so what would you all dfo try to ignore all that and do your business or what this is a heck ofa way to live for all invilved also Im so furious with her now cuz of her screaming for no reasons really and now my 12 pd maltese/shitizu dog 2and half yrs old is being affected her behavior changing and wants ton stay and hide undrneath my bed and not come out so plz tell me wht you would do thank you THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY THANKS GAIN LOVE SANDY22

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Sandy, I'm so sorry you and your mom have to go through this, I'm sure it's hard for both of you. I think it's time for you to consider getting your mom into a facility where she can have more interaction with others (maybe even a room mate) and you can live the life you deserve, without the constant strain of taking care of a bedridden mom 24/7. Dealing with a totally bedridden person at home is more than one person can deal with - for either you or your mom. It's time to look at getting some additional help.
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Your mother's behavior is typical of dementia. Also know that a uti produces behavior that look like dementia, or makes the dementia worse.

You have given your mother great care for many years. You have enabled her to be in a family home for many years more than she would have been able to without you.

Most people with dementia progress to a point where it is not possible to for one person to handle them in a private home. It sounds like your mother has reached that point.

It is OK to recognize that the time has come for a different level of care for Mom. You both will be better off with you visiting her in a nursing home.
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