When I lift her feet to put on the bed it was wet so I washed it and dried it but when you touch it it is wet feeling and cold. What can this be? She is taking lasic for swelling and her foot is real swollen.

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I have read of excessively swollen feet leaking through the skin. I would call her doctor.
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I am the youngest of 3 adult children. By default mom has moved in with me, my husband, son and grandson, She was having extreme cognitive issues at the time and wanted to move in with us.

She has regained some of cognitive ability and resents being here. I was always her least favorite and with onset of Alzheimer's she keeps reminding me. She is hateful and acts out when my husband is not around.

She wants to move in with my sister who has her own health issues. Mom needs someone to watch over her.

Who is responsible to ensure her care? My brother has basically washed his hands of the situation.
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wally003 Jul 2018
you should start a new thread. as you only replied to this thread.
go to the main page of the forum and click on the green "ask a question"
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Lassix is a diuretic which means it makes you pee. A lot. My husband is also on a diuretic and his feet are cold, too.

What’s making her foot wet is most likely urine leakage. Does she wear incontinence briefs (Depends)? Maybe they’re too loose if she does. Maybe if she’s peeing more frequently since being on the Lasix, she needs more frequent changes. Is anything else wet, like her clothes, where she sits or her bed?

If shes not wearing incontinence briefs (don’t tell her they’re “diapers”j she needs to be. Then her feet will stop getting wet.
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